Chengdu Yintai Center


Chengdu Yintai Center is located in the core area of Chengdu City, bringing together high-end office, business and leisure is the central nerve of Chengdu's south gate, known as the "South of the city to receive visitors" center. For the culture of the enterprise, brand value and the region of the branch, Pengji with keen design thinking, unique design concept for its private customization. The concept of "advocating the awakening of the true self" of the enterprise around this case positioning rigorous and fashionable, stable and pioneering design style, the use of inclusive design techniques to show the image of the enterprise and cultural heritage, the large area of Jin Yu is applied in the public area of the reception center hall, highlighting the luxury of difficult, magnificent and harmonious reception atmosphere. Under the ingenuity of Pengji, the front hall uses high-grade gray as the color tone, black and white blends elegant white with exquisite style, strengthens the elegant temperament of the space, brings a kind of high-quality enjoyment, refreshes the new height of urban commerce, leads the new consumption attitude and consumption proposition, and has no lack of characteristics and personality.