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Pine, ash, oak, camphor wood, elm, etc., these 9 big wood species do you really understand?

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At present, suitable for furniture, building materials of the tree species are ash, oak (white oak, red oak), rubber wood, pine, beech, walnut, teak, fir, camphor wood, elm, nanmu (golden silk Nan), cherry wood, maple, etc., solid wood floor which kind of wood? Different kinds of wood floor price, service life, decorative effect difference is also very large, accurate identification of tree species, purchase of suitable solid wood species, understand the performance characteristics of some commonly used wood is very necessary.

Due to the increasing attention to environmental protection, solid wood furniture began to slowly increase, of which pine furniture accounted for a large part, especially children's furniture many are made of pine. There are two main materials of pine furniture, one is masson pine and the other is camphor pine, which is mainly based on camphor pine, and is an important raw material for artificial fiber board in decoration. The texture of masson pine is straight or uneven, and the structure is medium to thick. The disadvantage is that the warping crack is more serious when dry. Not tolerant of rot. Paint, bonding performance is poor.

Camphor pine is widely used for mid-range solid wood furniture, and many log furniture are made of pine. The pine material is stronger, the texture is clearer, the wood is better, compared with Chinese fir, the wood grain of camphor pine will be more beautiful, and the wood scar is less.

Decorative panel with the largest proportion is the ash panel, the reason why the use of such a panel, and its characteristics are inseparable, ash scientific name ash wood, belongs to the ash family of a kind of wood, the main origin for China's northeast, North China, Russia and other places, ash is the biggest advantage of its grain, ash grain beautiful and clear, such as as decorative panels or furniture, Brush varnish or brush white can maximize its beautiful pattern, suitable for modern simple style, and ash is still a lower price of a decorative panel.

The disadvantage is that if it is used as solid wood furniture, the deformation is larger, so if it is made of all solid wood, it is multi-purpose small wood block splicing. Most of the aspergillus furniture seen in the furniture store is the main frame with Aspergillus solid wood, and a large area is pasted with Aspergillus solid wood bark, which is because of the large reason for the deformation and contraction of Aspergillus.

Oak is also a favorite decorative wood, oak is commonly known, the real oak scientific name is called oak, belonging to the fagaceae, quercus, red oak is called red oak, white oak is called white oak, in fact, red oak is not real red, but wood yellow pink, white oak is not white, but light yellow, This resulted in red oak and white oak color difference is not very large.

Oak is characterized by heavy hard, straight texture, coarse structure, light color and beautiful texture, mechanical strength is quite high, wear resistance, but the wood is not easy to dry sawing and cutting, at the same time, such as large area of deformation, oak pattern also has the difference between straight and horizontal grain, straight grain is more beautiful, the price is slightly more expensive. The use of oak should pay attention to a point, many use Southeast Asian rubber wood as oak, when buying wood, flooring, furniture should pay attention. For rubber wood, the identification method is that the rubber has no odor, is prone to insects and corrosion.

Its biggest feature is rich in rich aroma, this aroma can repel insects, anti-moth, anti-mildew, sterilization, mothball is extracted from the spices in camphor wood. The tree diameter is large, the wood width is wide, the pattern is beautiful. Camphor wood is fine, with natural beautiful texture, tough texture, not easy to break, not easy to crack, is the preferred material for carving since ancient times. Camphor wood in the decoration is mainly used for furniture backboard, drawer board, especially suitcases, bookcases, cabinets, etc., China's camphor wood box famous at home and abroad. However, camphor wood makes less beds, because the fragrance of camphor wood can affect the quality of sleep, make people excited and even insomnia, and may also cause dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms.

"Elm knot" is to describe people do not enlighten, difficult to solve the meaning of difficult. From this word we can see some of the properties of elm, elm wood wide, warm texture of good; The deformation rate is small, the wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate, it is suitable for carving, the planing surface is smooth, the string surface pattern is beautiful, and the pattern of "chicken wing wood" can be used for furniture and decoration. The flooring made of elm is rugged in texture and rustic in style. And elm cost-effective, a Chinese antique full elm log table including 6 chairs in 3000-4000 yuan.

Beech is also known as Wuhua wood, produced in the south of China, the wood quality is firm, the texture is beautiful, can be used for construction and utensils. Beech is divided into many kinds, of which the heartwood is reddish-brown named "blood beech", some beech has no natural beautiful big pattern, the color resembles rosewood. In ancient China, there is a saying of "North elm and south beech", which means that northern furniture mainly uses elm, and southern furniture uses beech. Therefore, elm and beech are good materials for building furniture in the past, which can be used as beds, tables, cabinets, etc. Beech can also be used as a decorative panel, beech decorative panel many people have used decoration.

Walnut, commonly known as walnut, is one of the precious woods loved by people in the world, especially in European countries, walnut, mahogany, oak and three valuable woods. High-end European furniture mostly uses these kinds of wood, but in our country, walnut status is not as prominent as in Europe. The hardness of walnut is medium to slightly hard and heavy, the fiber structure is fine and uniform, and it has strong toughness, especially in vibration resistance and wear resistance, and has certain bending resistance and corrosion resistance. My domestic walnut tree species are mainly walnut and walnut catalpa two kinds, walnut furniture is almost unique to Shanxi furniture, although other areas have also been found, but not as concentrated as Shanxi, so excellent. The walnut trees seen in the south are generally imported, and the price difference between walnut trees produced in different places is very large, we should see clearly.

The word mahogany comes from the end of the Qing Dynasty, when in order to distinguish the traditional rosewood, Huanghua pear furniture, the hardwood imported from Southeast Asia acid branch class deep red heartwood called mahogany, to modern times, China combined the traditional materials of the Ming and Qing dynasties, and then linked to the modern commonly used dark wood imported from abroad, re-established the mahogany standard, The new national standard stipulates that the wood in 2 families, five genera, eight classes, 33 species of wood called redwood, some of these wood colors are not red, such as persimmon family of ebony and striped ebony wood, cliff bean wing wood and so on. The reason why they are classified into redwood is a combination of wood performance, texture, use and social recognition.

Fir is the cheapest wood available. It is a unique fast-growing commercial tree species in China, characterized by fast growth, good material, straight wood texture, uniform structure, light and tough material, moderate strength, fir with fragrance, the material contains "fir brain", can resist insects and rot, easy processing. Fir is a softwood, its shortcomings are mainly two, one is because fir is a fast-growing wood, the wood period is 4-6 years, rapid production, natural wood fibers loose, and the moisture content is large, the surface hardness is soft, the external force is easy to cause scratches, the second disadvantage is more scarring, every short distance there is a black scar. Therefore, Chinese fir is generally less used to make furniture, but is used to make pulp, joinery board, density board, particle board, keel, or to make finger plates to make furniture interior baffles.